Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love a Day on the Water. Any Water.

Mike captained the two-man raft, and mostly kept us on track. Plus he exhibited excellent water safety, which I am a fan of.

0.My husband had to work,  so it was just the three of us. I drafted less water than the big vessel, so moved a lot slower. Plus, sometimes I need a little alone time.

As I have said before...Ridiculous green floaty toy from Dick's Sporting Goods, $25. Top-of-the-line kayak paddle, $150. Ability to navigate yourself wherever you like in a fast-water situation? Priceless.

Biohazardous waste situation. Sister sustained a life-threatening blood-letting. I can't recall how, as mostly she was in charge of Sunning Herself and Looking Pretty.
Sometimes I flotilla'ed-up and Mike navigated us all. The luxury.
And merrily down the river we floated.


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