Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's Float!

We fueled up at dad's favorite Boise breakfast diner...Merritt's. As once featured on Dave Atell Insomniac. We had a bounty of breakfast items, including their famous fair scones and dutch babies. We were fueled up for our day's adventure...

Floating the river! SUCH fun! We decided to take our lives in our own hands and take the -- gasp -- shuttle! Which was a little cramped for maybe 20 minutes, but overall made the adventure much easier.
Love the facilities at the put-in. With a little inflation, we were on our way!
Group shot of floaters....
And then we were westbound! Nothing says "testing a relationship" like putting folks in one raft, despite our abundance of single-man rafts. Mwahahahah! I kid, they did great!


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