Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jumpin' Off the Back, Don't Act Like You Don't Want To...

Meow. I have a similar hat/glasses/tattoo photo from circa 1997 that I love. The captain is always focused on safety and quality boatsmanship, but usually cuts loose a little bit. And gets in the water at least once, even tho he prefers his watersports at about 30 miles an hour.

Who can't respect a little GingerTime? I know I can. They were probably talking about sunblock and large sun hats and being Soul-less Daywalkers.

Sister successfully served as a diving buoy for some competitive diving.

Soul-less Daywalker. Soul-less Daywalker. Me. You'd think with their lack of melanin they would consider being under the water more. Course with their thin skin they probably can't insulate themselves for too long.
Out here in the open...mmm.....motorboatin'....

Treading water, floaty toy, or vessel proper...I loves me some water fun!


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