Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunrise Kingdom

Can you believe another Partybarge Thursday was upon us? My how time flies. But of course, the whole state is on fire, so our captain was suddenly off fire-fighting. So we ladies made our way out to the reservoir. Only to discover a blanket of smoke on the water. We couldn't even see the other side!

After a bit of scheming and calculating, we found ourselves a wee beach  upon which to picnic and camp out for the day. Our own little "Sunrise Kingdom."

Complete with odd features like this very Moonrise-Kingdom-esque wee sailboat that oddly said "snark" across the sail.

So after much discombobulation, losing our captain, being shut down by smoke, and just wandering aimlessly for a while...

Reservoir Thursday at our own little Sunrise Kingdom was on!


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