Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mexico 2013: Creepy Skeletal Fish Toofs

On our way out of Gran Cenote, we noticed this cool map outlining the entire cave system for hundreds of miles.
I loved this phrase, and was surprised I've never seen it before.
I assumed from looks this map was from the 1960s. Nope. 2000.
Then we made our way into Tulum to visit our beloved Mariscos Camel (sorry rest-of-gang who didn't make it to the camel). SUCH good ceviche!! This time we were there during the dinner hour, so it was a different kind of busy.
Still amazingly delicious. We got a huge one and took it back to the resort, ordering additional chips from room service.
We got guac too. SO delish!
Plus we got whole-fish dinners!
SERIOUSLY, what kind of creepy skeletal fish toofs are you rockin', buddy? Yeeee.

We love you, Mariscos Camel!!


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