Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mexico 2013: Jeep Injury

On the trip back from Punta Allen we decided we wanted to pull off and frolic in the turquoise sea.
Which was just a few feet from the road, so my sweet husband put our Jeep in reverse and backed it toward the sea. Mostly it went pretty well, except we were having trouble getting over a bump or a log or a body or something in our way...
The driver jumped out to survey the sitch...
To discover a bit of a crumple in the fender smooshed up against a wee palm tree...
After a bit of forward motion, kicking, whacking, and general auto body maintenance with a green coconut, it was mostly back in pre-tree shape. My husband believes this crumple to have been an existing ding in our sweet ride, despite the very specifically wrinkled up bumper. But he did make it unnoticeable to the untrained eye. One of the many reasons I secured him for my own was his stellar auto-body-work-with-a green-coconut skills. Manipulation of tools is what separates us from the beasts.
But what's a good adventure in a Jeep in Mexico without a little bump in the road? Thankfully it wasn't a body after all! We decided the bumper was fine, moved ahead with our diversion, and made our way to the sea.


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