Friday, May 17, 2013

Razring Afternoon

What's an ATV adventure without a little tailgate picnic? Turkey samiches and chips with homemade guac!
The Razr even has a little trunk...'cept in the front like the old VW Bugs.  :)
Mostly it was my opinion that it handles a lot like the Cooper. And if you've ever seen me round the corner of Front Street at 8:57 a.m., you'd know I push my vehicle's center of gravity limits.
When the boys went out I tooled around on my AWESOME mountain bike that I love that my husband built me. That I rode. Until I fell off. When my foot got caught in the pedal cage. And I landed on my elbow. Which was green and purple for a month. Pedal cages have since been removed. Thanks husband!
Hee hee!
And then, like we got it out of the truck...
Dad just drove it back in!
So much fun! Thanks for bringing the Razr over so we could go play with it, Dad! We appreciate it!!


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