Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mexico 2013: Gran Cenote

Phew! Two weeks is a long vacation! Thanks for staying with me, readers! On our last full day of Jeepdom, we spent the morning at the resort, as the snorkeling was amazing, but in the afternoon, off to Gran Cenote, our second cenote adventure!
BABY TURTLES!! Ok, maybe not babies maybe just wee. Still ADORABLE!!
This more rustic cenote facility didn't have lockers, so we snorkeled separately, as we didn't think the Jeep was secure, and had a million digital devices with us and a wad of pesos.
Jon went first, while I guarded the peso pile.
We don't know these people, but any fans of the band "Fl0rida-Georgia Line"? A shot from their video for "Get Your Shine On" was filmed right here.
My husband is getting good with his underwater camera.
We've received lots of feedback from folks that this cave snorkeling would be too much for them, but its not as icky as one would think. And I'm not a big fan of either caves or claustrophobia.
It's even weird above water.
Mostly I turned out to not be a huge fan of the cenotes, but not because of the cramped quarters, more so because of the creepy, often blind fish that have no predators, so aren't scared of you! STOP TOUCHING ME!!!


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