Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mexico 2013: Jewels

This was from an earlier trip to Playa, but you KNOW how much I love jewels.
There's even a jewelry store at the resort, full of lovely baubles.
After a quick trip through one evening, the menfolk stayed outside.
Thinking this would save them many pesos. Hahaha.
On our last trip to Playa we also perused watches. Watches were a big topic of discussion among our menfolk. Especially these two, watch aficionados.
I had acquired this ring and necklace years and years ago when we were in Cozumel off a cruise ship, but never had the remaining pieces. I finally acquired earrings, and my husband bought me this large and very fancy bracelet that I love!
He also bought me this amazing bracelet of many stones and assorted gems. Swoon. I also acquired myself this sun pendant (that may or may not stay on that cord) from a street artist/vendor, and also these wee silver earrings at the airport. Jewelry acquisitions for this trip: Complete!
A trip to a resort town simply to peruse and buy jewels? You had me at "baubles."


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