Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mexico 2013: Punta Allen

But after a long, long drive, we made it to the remote and tiny fishing village of Punta Allen. It mostly consisted of a couple restaurants, a couple churches, a couple mini marts, and some fishing vendors. That's one of the restaurants behind the sign about the biosphere.
A mostly open-air iglesia.
And lots and lots of lovely beach.
Plus a few sleepy iguana.
It may be a little hard to see, but this hotel advertisement's selling points are (1) it features a restaurant and a bar, and (2) it has 24-hour electricity. I'm sure there are times when absence of electricity in this town is a big reality.
Plus it had one of those amazing piers-into-the-blue sea like you see in Travelocity ads. I want to go to there.

We considered booking a boat ride, but the water was pretty rough, and it would have put our return trip late into the evening. And with the condition of our tires, no one wanted to be on that road late at night in the dark. So we opted for lunch at this restaurant. No, really, its a restaurant, trust me.
It didn't have any menus, but they did bring us chips and the fantastic ceviche of which we can't get enough, so I'm pretty sure it was a restaurant. The no-menus thing was a little weird at first...but when they brought us our check for THE MOST EXPENSIVE CEVICHE EVER, I better understood the value of no menus. It was like forty bucks for beers, sodas, and ceviche -- a pittance really, considering the view, but we had to appreciate their clever tack.
I liked Punta Allen a lot. We plan to return some day. Less white-people in a resort and more hammocky fishing resort.


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