Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ballad Town

A few of us got roooms and stayed at the lodge there in Forest Grove. The food ain't what it used to be, and the service is abominable (other than the awesome server we had at dinner! a rarity!), but there's just nothing else like the McMenamins offering. This one is a former Masons' rest home, and each room is specifically named. We stayed in Ballad Town, an old-time music festival that occurred in Forest Grove back in the day.
Tim and Stacey stayed in the Glen and Allie Long room...former residents, I surmise.
We hit the hay, but not before a late-night hall gift exchange and photo session.
I just noticed these are actually out of order....we took this one first, then above, my husband was being mocking. What?!? MY husband? Mocking? Huh.
And with that, my husband bid Stacey, and the painting of Wisdom that was ironically looming over our silliness, and shut down the birthday party. Such fun! Big thanks to all who made the trek to Forest Grove for the 21x2 celebration! :)


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