Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year, New Tools

OK my peeps. Apologies again for the delay. I have acquired my newest electronics device (as if I didn't have enough). It's blue! Regretfully, they stole my go-to: Microsoft Picture Editor...which was admittedly slow and inefficient. But in it I was FAST!! Trying to adjust to the new laptop, the new Windows Live Photo Gallery, and the new Blogger interface. Should only take a few posts, but its been slow thus far. Hopefully I'm on a roll now! :)

Can you believe that with the addition of 2012 in the menu to the right, its been SIX years?!? Yikes. Happy 2012!


David Gustafson said...

I think you can still download Picture Editor at Brothersoft. Also, try It's free and it's pretty good.

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