Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!!

So with this handsome date, we were off to  preparty with appetizers and a little champagne tasting...
 ...and a little fussing with makeup and hair... (Stacey: the girl in blue went to Mark Morris. Hahahah! Such a small world!)...
...and then we were off to the masquerade...OK, we had learned about 5 hours beforehand that it was a masquerade, so did our best with $2 masks, stick-on rhinestones, and pheasant feathers from the truck. Not exactly legal, but very fancy. ;)
Chaos! I look a little like a character from a scary movie here.
And then, after the clock struck twelve, home... wish Miss Ginger a happy new year too!
My new favorite picture of us! Happy 2012! :)


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