Monday, January 30, 2012

Amy Jumps from a Log, 2011

We spent a great deal of time at the beach, beginning in about 1974.
In the late 70s someone took a picture of me jumping off a large log with my hair -- approximately the same length (proportionally) as it is now -- straight up in the air.
Its one of those iconic family photos that will live forever. I believe I'm wearing a little off-white cable sweater, plaid pants, and possibly little red rubber boots. Definitely not purple-soled Reeboks RunTones.
This frame most closely re-enacts the original photo. Except I seem slightly more prone to gravity than when I was 8. And the original was captured with excellent photography, probably by mom, and not with a 16-frames-per-second setting.
Sister and I try to recreate the photo again about nearly every time we are at the beach together. Put this one in the 2011 file.


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