Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Carnage

The folks behind the gate in the community where Dad lives were remarkably generous. Twice while I was there they stopped by and asked if we wanted a fish they had just caught. Dad graciously allows them river access across his property, so nice they were paying it back. Upon the second asking of, "Would you like a steelhead?" I informed him "the answer to that question will always be yes."
Dad pointing out that this one still had sea lice on it! Eww!
Oh the headless carnage.
Just about everyday, five days a week, all summer long, for three summers, I fileted two to four fish for consumption at the restaurant sister and I worked at through college. I love the smell of fresh fish. It smells like it was once alive, unlike some of the stuff I drag home from assorted grocers.
Despite my pointing out that a 10-pound steelhead was about 4 pounds for me and 4 pounds for dad (after beheading and gutting), he decided this one was for smoking instead.
Which is good, as it allowed him to share it across the coastal and Portland metro areas. That's right. He shared with...flatlanders. And despite Southwest's strong encouragement to not put food in your checked luggage, he was even able to share it with a couple Idahoans. The brining...
And the smoking. Such generous neighbors! I would post pics of the two crab one neighbor dropped off, but we pretty much walked from the door to the table and said crab was gone.


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