Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Trashy Thing.

One of the myriad unusual activities we participated in at the coast was trash removal. The north coast has a rather comprehensive community recycling center, considering its remoteness and small-town-ness. Sister **kind of** got in trouble for putting aluminum cans in the tin cans, or the tin cans in the aluminum cans, I'm not sure.
 I really like the small (With joyous abandon) on the right side of the sign.
Yep. Recycle your shoes. And as you know, free is a very good price.
 Yep, a bin for recycling your "Cookin' with Alf" dolls. Naw, its the free bin.
Speaking of trash, back in Boise, my husband finally had enough, and took the Sawzall to that non-working hot tub that the former owners left us...dang near 4 years ago.
The boys at the landfull were impressed with his trash-removing fortitude. I was impressed with the freed-up back deck space! :) Yay!


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