Monday, January 23, 2012

A Quiet Christmas...

As you might imagine, we had a rather quiet Christmas, so not a ton of pix.
As I flew back to Idaho on the evening of December 22, Dad and Sister and I went out for a little holiday celebration dinner. It was such a lovely evening out.
Then, upon returning home, we threw a little Christmas up...
 ...and after a month, the family was back together...and all very sleepy.
Christmas eve brought a festival of cheeses...three kinds of heated fondues, and a bunch of cold sauces too...
And with friends Lori and Shelby, we made short work of this tableful of little snacks and treats, dipables and bites. I was so into setting the table, I forgot to take a pic of all of us celebrating Christmas eve! It was a lovely holiday weekend regardless. :)


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