Sunday, January 8, 2012

Speaking of Birthdays...

My husband also had a birthday when we were in Oregon and Southwest Washington!
Among other assorted gifts, he received this excellent oversized bathrobe that is sort of...wizardy.
So for his birthday we went to the pizza parlor in town that was a Pietro's when we were little. It has reopened under the name Pie@trio's. Which seems a little shady, but has worked for them. This was the table my family would always sit at when we made the big trip into town for 'za.
Then on Saturday we did it up bigger with a larger gathering at the McMenamins by sister's house! Here's the table from one end....
And then from the and friends from both Portland and Boise...! We were regretfully sans Dad, who was stable, but still in the hospital.
Despite my lengthy stay in the Portland metro area, the person I probably saw the least was my sweet sister!


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