Sunday, January 8, 2012

Red Meat!

My sweet friend did as anyone would do, and brought my heart patient a large slab of red meat. HAH! I kid! OK, she did, but she brought elk...which is relatively lean for red meat. Her brother had a couple of successful hunts this year, and was extremely generous! And technically Dad is not a heart patient. He had a mechanical defect in his valve that needed replacement, but otherwise the docs said he's remarkably without cardiac degeneration. Yay! First some discussion on carving the beast...
I'm not kidding when I say slab. Dad and I ate fresh elk for 4 meals. And one of those included sister! So much elk!
Then a group cooking effort. As usual, I focused on my strength: setting the table. I set a damn fine table.
She's just so bossy.  ;)
And then, eats! Thanks for the visit and the generosity, my friend!


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