Sunday, January 8, 2012

Speaking of Stacey...

Hee hee! While I was there, my sweet friend came down to the coast to visit me and the patient. He was supposed to walk twice a day for about 30 minutes, and the trip up to the bridge was getting a bit old, so let's head into town and walk on the beach!
This was only like...barely three weeks after surgery? Modern medicine is amazing.
On this wintery Thursday afternoon we were the only folks on the beach...and not a care in the world! Ah, I miss the leisure of my coast retirement. ;)
So much glassy beach!
What?!? Dad was spinning a yarn? Hee hee!
After our extensive exercise, we investigated a new business in town...Sisters and Pete's Coffee and Treats. Such a cute little establishment! And awesome pies! Stacey is a bit of a crust afficienado, and was pleased they offered "crust samples" before you bought. The three of us shared two individual pies: a marionberry and a strawberry rhubarb, I think...and their coffee is GREAT! Such fun!  


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