Sunday, February 3, 2013


Though it was chilly (20 degrees) it was warmer than it had been in Boise (5 degrees), so we not only felt like we were in the tropics, the glorious sun was out and it was amazing.
It was fantastic. Upon returning to our room, I sat for couple hours in a sunbeam reading a magazine. Glorious.
This has nothing to do with anything, but we walked by it every time we left our hotel, and a 25-foot-tall plush kangaroo with a baby roo in its hopper just makes you smile. Incidentally, we called our DVR "the hopper" long before Dish appropriated it. Guess we'll need new terminology.
This didn't happen on this trip, but it is in Montana. This is Art, from Jon's 2012 hunting adventures. I meant to take a pic of Jon and Art, but neglected to. He and his lovely wife had us to their cozy home for wine, appetizers, and chit-chat before we all went to...
The Mint! A "classic Montana steakhouse since 1904." Their menu features the "monster ribeye for two." It was more economical than two steaks, and we had to get it, just for steakhouse cache. We barely got through half of it, but it was tasty and the company was lovely!


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