Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ink Pots

So back in the snowcoach for our return to Mammoth.
So many cool landscapes.
This is the blue pond on one of our return-trip hikes, where our sweet young guide explained why the water in the pond is blue.
This is one-half of the exchange of glances that took place at the point in her story where she diverged from actual truth and began presenting a conglomeration of bits of information that seemed rightish, but mostly were more wrongish. The pond is not blue because "the cyan is absorbing all the blue, so that's all you can see." That's wrongish.
These are inkpots. Deeply pigmented clays and muck bubbling up and around geothermal features, and the destination for this particular hike.
The park is just so quiet and lovely.
The ever-present buffalo, keeping an eye on us from afar.


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