Saturday, February 16, 2013

I **Heart** You.

Will wonders never cease? I guess not. In the early days, my husband would tell me what a charming ladies man he was in high school. One of his signature moves was after picking up a girl in his '79 Celica, was to suavely ask her to get him something out of the glovebox, where unsuspecting young damsel would find a red rose! Mwahahah! He's so clever.
As our own courtship progressed, I would, on long roadtrips, randomly throw open the glovebox and turn, shocked and rose. And I used this hilarious joke about 352 times in the past 21 years. But recently I had forgotten all about it. Well, we've been leaving Dad the Cooper this week, so when my husband picked me up from work, he quietly asked me to grab his sunglasses from the glovebox ....HAHAHAHAHA! Not one, but a whole bunch. He's such a keeper.
Plus he did the bulk of the heavy lifting in whipping up Dad and I a fantastic Valentine's Day meal. So sweet! He and I exchanged tix to West Side Story. YAY!
What did we have? For Valentine's Day? Uhm. Well. OK. Heart. We had heart. Yes, we ate heart on Valentine's Day. Hahahaha! Hilarity ensues. The brown ale is mostly for perspective, but the boys did have a couple. We also had venison, a couple of duck breasts, roasted winter veggies, and a caesar salad. I LOVE deer heart. I ADORE venison. But my husband's duck? It's really unequalled.
Everything you would expect to dress a Valentine table...roses, candles, pepper grinder, wine, annnnd a small dish of anchovies.
I've been on an anchovy kick for a while. Dad, Shelby, and I had all enjoyed anchovies on our caesar the evening before, and a long discussion about them ensued, and about whether you could get good ones on the open market (versus from Food Services of America). This night we tried these ones, and were surprisingly pleased with them. Do you have King Oscar in a can? Hee hee!
Cheers! Dad had graciously taken us (and Shelby) out to steak dinner Wednesday night, so we really had to return the favor. We live like kings and queens, I tell ya.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xo


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