Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hangin' out Backstage

The concert was a benefit for the mostly municipal and volunteer fire firefighters who doused a wildfire where there were few federal resources to do so. Big money houses were saved, including Mister Mayer's, and he wanted to help them out. He also hasn't sung on a stage in almost two years because of a vocal cord growth, but has a clean bill of health and used the opportunity to stretch his singing skills a bit.
As part of our ticket package we got two signed posters! Yay! So cool!

Ok, really upstairs, not backstage. It's a community art theater!! Still awesome.
Plus, we got to do this. They were both super, super nice! Everyone says the two on the right look alike, but really, I think its just the beanies. John is like seven feet tall and I think his arms are a foot longer than mine.

John said "Wow, that's an AWESOME shirt." It seemed like a good conversation piece, as I was sure we were all Willie Fans.
It was in a ridiculously small, community art center auditorium, that held like 400 people. Such a ridiculous opportunity! Two of our fave artists, an awesome tax-deduction, and a cause close to our hearts. Winner winner, chicken dinner!


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