Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snowcoach to Old Faithful!

There's only one way to get to Old Faithful in the winter...snowcoach! And by snowcoach we mean a late 90s model standard van with weird "Mat-Trax" wheels.
My husband LOOOOOVES a nice guided tour.
Tons and tons of buffaloes!!
They are so well insulated that they can be all snow-covered and not die. Like I would, were I covered in snow.
From this angle, looks more like a yak to me.
There was a lot of amazing scenery and ambiance on the drive.
And pit stops along the way.
Plus a wolf! We saw a wolf in Jellystone!!
Our guide said he was a loner because he was weakened and suffering from mange, and left to his own devices. Poor mister lonesome mangy wolf.
Roaring Mountain! Lots of geothermal features are more visible in the winter.


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