Saturday, February 9, 2013

Buffalo Jam!

On the return snowcoach trip, we came upon a herd of about 50 buffaloes in the road. I'd use the road too, much easier to walk on.
As we were in the back of the van, all my pix are out the rear window, but we lost a good hour on our return trip trying to get past the herd without being too disruptive of their day.
I had hoped there was some awesome collective noun for bison or buffalo, like  a skein, or a murder, or a canvas. Nope, just herd, or alternatively, gang can be used too.
We would get a few to divert off onto a side road and we would make some progress in getting past them, only for us all to discover that the side road was a short cut, and now they were farther ahead of us on our road than before.
It was really one of the coolest things about the trip, because we got to be so close to them (without threat of personal goring). We could see their horns, their snowy coats, their hooves, and look them in the eye, even as it got darker and darker.
There was another snowcoach behind us, and eventually we slowly made it past all the buffaloes without honking or bumping them. I just loved our super cool buffalo jam!


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