Saturday, February 9, 2013

Old Faithful!!

We made it! All the way to Old Faithful. This shot was taken from the backside. In my head it seemed like it would be two extremes, "going off" and "not going off."
That's not so much true. It's steamy most of the time.
They project a time for the next time it goes off, an then your window is plus or minus 10 minutes on either side. According to park literature, Old Faithful is neither the largest nor the most regular geyser in the park, it's just the most famous.  So we had time to hike around the grounds.
There's lots of nice infrastructure circling Old Faithful, so you can see it from all sides.
Water. Just boiling up out of craters in the earth. It's crazy.
Blue Star Spring, on the backside of the attraction.
We got seats about 10 minutes out, and waited.
Ta-da! We neglected to take into account that on a cloudy winter's day, it might be hard to see Old Faithful up against the clouds. But here it is, in all its glory.


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