Sunday, February 10, 2013

Charity Birthday Bash!

Have a swanky birthday party, invite all your friends, let your friends invite their friends, charge a small fee at the door, and give the money to an awesome charitable cause. SUCH a clever idea.
Despite my keen bow-tie tying skills, I STILL get looks like this. Hmph. The theme was "Old Vegas," which worked well for us. Every time we are in Vegas we always say, "We should come back and stay at Caesar's Palace, do it up old school." We haven't yet, but some day.
I can't do a ton of things with my hair, given that it won't hold a curl for more than about 3 minutes, but I can do this. I don't seem like the big hair type, I suspect, but I can get down with some big hair.
I love a good sanctioned wearing of black.
A little pre-funk at Brickyard. Shelby and I have had the champagne-gin cocktail, the French 75 (shout out to Lushy!) here before, but when I asked if I could get a French 75, our bartender said without hesitation or pause, "NO."

Oh. Uhm. Well. Ok...uhm...just prosecco for me I guess.


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