Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denver: Art Museum

Up next: Off to the art museum! I love this giant broom and dustpan out front....

But probably even more than that, I loved the plaque that accompanied it. Which was lucky, because I do blame the broom for the degradation of contemporary morals.

I couldn't help but want to be photographed with this higher ed art, what with only 12 days left!!

Go Ducks! Hee hee! These ones are from the Eastern Han Dynasty of China, c. A.D. 25-220.
I love that folks from the Huron tribe, circa 1800, (a) needed business cards, (b) needed a case for them, (c) decorated it up so dang fancy!

Guess who made this steer-horn armchair? Our friends over at Tiffany & Company, c. 1880.
Here's Hellboy...I mean my husband... in the middle of an awesome installation called Fox Games. I LOVED it! Everything's painted red, except the gray foxes jumping all over stuff! It was really hard to shoot in all that red tho...CLEARLY.
And lastly, some 'art' of my own...the capital through the glass blocks in the staircase. We HAD to use the staircases, the elevators were unbearably slow AND full. And I don't do full elevators. :)


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