Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denver: Pub Crawl!

So during my planning I ran across a couple of pub crawl tours of local craft breweries. Which seemed fun to me, but which I knew my husband would not like. He's not big on the guided tour. So we decided to create our own! First up: an English pub across from the Museum. Here we had a weird appetizer that amounted to french fries covered in brown gravy, swiss cheese, and curry powder. Uh...yeah. This place claims to have the largest selection of single malt whiskies outside of Europe, at over 260. Impressive! Those are them behind this fellow I don't know.
Next up, a taxi cab over to the Coors Field area to visit Great Divide Brewing, whose tag line is, "Great minds drink alike." Hee hee!
And the last spot on our tour? A champagne bar!! A pub crawl that ends at a champagne bar? Sign me up!! I LOVE this place. All jeweled lighting and black velvet and white leather...and little sayings on the wall, like Noel Coward's famous, "Why do I drink champagne for breakfast? Doesn't everyone?" Hee hee!
Look! Champagne grows on trees at this magical place!!
I consider it obligatory... ;)
And thus ended our pub crawl. Heh!


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