Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denver! will recall that for my husband's 40th birthday, I gave him tickets to U2 and a long weekend in Denver.

WELL. That was before Bono hurt his back and had to have surgery and the tour was postponed until 2011 or until whenever Oprah can get Bono's back fixed. Come on. She's Oprah. You're Bono. Together you should be able to build him a new spine.

So while concert tickets are postponable, travel is not. SO, we were off to Denver to not see U2!
We got to see Kelly for a hot minute when she so graciously picked us up at the airport and transported us downtown! She had weekend houseguests, so our visit was limited. But Denver looks good on her. :)
Our destination!
She still drives her awesome maintenance truck. As indicated by its tricked out bling.
My husband is being squashed over for the photo, Kelly is not an amazon, towering over him. Just hugging him is all. :)


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