Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denver: The Brown Palace

So first on the list, over the Spa at the Brown Palace for massages! The Brown has been there since 1892 and is full of history and old-timey and time-honored tradition and blah blah blah. We visited one of their many onsite restaurants, "The Ship." My sailor and I were pretty underwhelmed.

I was, however, impresessed with their spa. LOVE a full-service spa.
I'm also very picky about my spa shoes. Theirs are custom-printed. Nice touch!
I just love chandeliers. So jewel-y and fancy. Upon leaving the spa, I grabbed a bottle of nail polish -- OPI Russian Navy! -- which my husband so generously paid for, along with our massages! When I thanked him he said, "Well...I'll pretty much buy you whatever you want..." WHAT!?! Why didn't I know this 18 years ago!? ;)
I really like this big blue bear at the convention center. This piece is called "I See What You Mean."
This awesome piece was at the McCormick & Schmick's where we dined. [What!? We don't have one in Boise!] I'm pretty sure "put a hat on Uncle Wiggily" is going to be the euphemism of 2011.


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