Friday, June 18, 2010

Grad School: Don't Try This at Home.

Grad school leads to painful (and unhappy) papercuts.
I will say, on the up side, with no remodel work and sitting at a computer 14 hours a day, my nails have never looked better.
Grad school can lead to bad hair days... or maybe just to bad hair decisions.

This is too early to be up. Or too late. Can't remember. Grad school can lead to memory loss... Good practice for entering my 40s.

And probably my all-time low. Soda? Soda's your all time low? The thing is, I bought these so we'd have something to drink with our burritos for dinner. Yep, that would be grocery shopping from the vending machine at work. Nice.
Sixteen more days left; three submittals remaining; one section left to write; current count: 110 pages. And today we received our email approval to submit our applications for degrees!! YAY!!


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