Friday, June 18, 2010

Grad School: Adventures in Caffeination

Mom and Sister and I use our camera phones all day long to snap pix and send 'em off to keep the others informed about our days' goings-on. In looking back through my recent snaps, I noticed a theme...

I find it best to start off with coffee. The auto-timer helps a lot with this fact.
I like to hit the tea once I get to work, and also after dinner. This particular vessel was a graduation gift to myself the LAST time I left the UO!
Late in the evening I like incorporate Diet Coke. I learned from Sister that even with a 2-liter, you don't really need to worry about a glass. [I didn't drink the whole thing, just what was "left."]

With my standard four or five hours of sleep a night, though not cheap, Red Bulls are a nice treat... a late-night shot of energy, best served chilled and complemented by a sliced apple or green grapes.
Nope, while this is the UO, that's not Henry's... Sometimes a RockStar is nice in the afternoon at work, especially in a pint glass. ;)

Weekend homework often requires a peach iced tea from Sonic, large, extra ice please.
Why do you laugh at me, tiny, culturally insensitive deskmen? Has caffeine psychosis set in???

Aiming for a little stimulation AND a few vitamins one Friday morning.
Lastly, one of my favorite, yet most lethal pairings... a Starbucks dimebag with a Diet Coke back. The dimebag is really the meth of the caffeine world. Don't start on these babies, you'll lose your job, your house, your spouse, your wiener dog... What's the media campaign? Oh yeah....Starbucks dimebags....not even once..."


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