Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denver: Dead Animals!

And lastly, one of the highlights of our trip was our visit to the Buckhorn Exchange: Dead animal central.
It has been in business since the 1800s, has Denver's liquor license No. 1 on the wall, and is jam-packed with animal mounts. This pack of antelope was peering down on our dining table!
Gotta love a neon sign that says simply, "Antelope."
Cape buffalo are just about as weird looking as musk ox...oxen...(?) We both ordered buffalo, and also got a rattlesnake appetizer. The cabbie recommended the gator, but we figured Denver was more snake country.
No animal was safe from this establishment!!
This is the second largest typical elk ever shot in Colorado on a Tuesday with a pistol over your left shoulder while wearing a Batman mask, or some other such claim to fame. The waiter, who was becoming increasingly annoyed with me (9 p.m. reservations on a Saturday night...I get it!) indicated that once a month a crew of staff VACUUM the surfaces of the mounts for dust to keep them pristine. I hope to never vacuum an elk. That's just me.


Marie said...

I have to laugh at all these blog posts--they must be your break from your school work!

This post amused me because this weekend we ate completely vegetarian while my Boise friend Shelia and her kids were visiting. Her children are very concerned about people eating the point that I almost felt guilty yesterday evening when I had a turkey burger!!! They would be horrified by this place. Reminds me of those Alaska hotels with the stuffed grizzly bears and moose heads all over the walls. :)

Marie said...

They had left, of course, by the time I had the turkey burger...

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