Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Construction Zone: New Walls!

We interrupt our tropical tales for a quick dose of reality... OK, maybe giant smiley-faced china cabinets aren't exactly reality. I've been calling him Armie. When you see him, don't you want to burst into song? "Be our GUEST! Be our GUEST! Put our service to the TEST!" OK, maybe not so much.
The "wall team" just builds walls where once there was none! This used to be an exposed heating vent! Oh glorious mud!
Just a bit of dust in the air!
I know you think I just take pictures while my husband works, but that just ain't true!
Good times.
I had been putting my hoodie up, but took it down and went outside for a bit. Then forgot to put it back up.
Filling your house with dust is a good reason to do some serious spring cleaning.


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