Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FFF: Resort Afternoons

And then, soon we would pickup the lovely scents wafting from the GIANT FRYING PAN OF LUNCHY GOODNESS! Have you ever seen such a big frying pan? It was usually full of a jambalaya or a seafood stirfry, and was available only from 12:30 to 2:30. One day it featured the tastiest calamari...

Then, back to Beach Headquarters for further gabbing, reading, napping, and general loungery.

After a bit, someone would rally, and the afternoon's snorkeling would be kicked off.

There was amazing snorkeling just a quick swim out to where the waves are breaking. My husband on a mission to find lionfish.

Tim heading out to spy bonefish.

And for those not up for underwater adventuring, the afternoon flew by with more sunning, lounging, reading, and napping. Uhm...clearly I took lots of pictures from my comfy spot on the beach bed. ;)
Then, around 4ish, we would retire to our rooms for afternoon quiet time, room service (none of us could get enough free room service...SUCH a luxury!) further napping, perhaps a soak, and then, makin' ourselves presentable for dinner! This is the hot bubble bath that we found had been drawn for each of us for our arrival the first night! Hee hee!


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