Friday, March 18, 2011

FFF: Dang-near 30 Years in the Plannin'

Such a clever 30! Not only was it the marker for the West Linn contingent's building, but 30 is also about how long we've been planning this trip, my friend and I. Loooong before we even had husbands to consider bringing.
Sister remembers the first mention of this trip when we were in about the 7th grade..."When we are 40, we should go on a trip together." Back then it was to Jamaica, but not only does it take forever to get there, we've been, and it ain't all that. But we did it! We kept the dream alive from 13 to 40!

So, we picked nice, close Mexico. I was hoping we'd have a cute pic of just the two of us, but I didn't have any in my camera...lots of pics of us divided by last name or by gender, but none of just us. Not that more isn't merrier, cause there are some cute group pix!

So cute! Just the girls breakfasting together one morning and having enjoying coffee with toast and jam. Still, no pix surfaced of just the two of us. But wait! My friend emailed that there was one of just the two of us on her camera! Hooray! The luck!

Let's see. She looks like she was just at a photo shoot for girls' surfing magazine. I look like...I'm still 13. Awesome. Yeah, that's a great shot. >:[

Thankfully we have some super cute group shots, including this, our wife-swapping pic. (Pic only, thank you very much. ;) My partner here is the same one from the great Western Caribbean Cruise Wife-swap Photo of 2003. Hilarity ensues.


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