Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FFF: Resort Mornings

A couple of people have asked, "What did you do for SEVEN days?" We went out on adventures a couple of days (forthcoming posts), but on days that we weren't traveling, mostly it was a pretty standard vacation day. Tim's an early riser, so he got up nearly every day at the crack of dawn and secured us prime beachfront real estate...and watch the sun come up!

We never secured a top-shelf beach bed. Seemed like a lot of work if you dropped your magazine. The bottom level of the double-decker hung from ropes. We did get a swinging one once. There were pros and cons.

One day we did beach in the morning and pool in the afternoon. That white building was the spa. The pool was exceptionally chilly...

But the ocean didn't feature a swim-up refreshments stand neither... decisions, decisions...

Since the day's real estate was secured, everyone was on their own to get up whenever they wanted, breakfast at will (usually here, at the Sandwicherie, and stroll down to the beach when the mood hit ya. But usually after coffee, of course.

Then, resting, napping, gabbing, reading, swimming, or whatever else for the morning!

Many of us were big fans of the napping option.


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