Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FFF: Resort Evenings

All couples would then wander into the Sandwicherie between 7 and 8 for evening lounging and cocktails, and then usually dinner reservations between 8 and 9 p.m. Boise was usually last to arrive...
Kansas was often first, saving us prime Sandwicherie real estate. OK, one evening some of us spent some of cocktail hour clomping around in Stacey's high heels. Much, MUCH higher than anything either of us brought!

West Linn usually showed up in the middle. 'Course, really, how would I know, since Boise usually showed up last.

Then, off to dinner! There were seven restaurants at our resort, so we tried a new one every night. Here we are at the asian establishment. I could order sushi to my heart's content without sticker shock!!

The only discernable complaint any of us had during the entire week was that we had trouble getting reservations for 6 locked in each night, and sometimes had to wait a little bit. But not long usuall, and really, if that's our biggest complaint, we were sittin' pretty.
I think we had just placed our orders in this pic...we all look a little preoccupied for some reason.

And then, after dinner, everyone was free to peruse the evening's show (usually a dance performance of some evening a hilarious Michael Jackson impersonator!!), stroll on the moonlit beach, or return to your room for room service dessert! :) Phew, how did we pack all that goodness into one day? :)


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