Thursday, March 17, 2011

FFF: Our **Second** Resort (A Sentence I Hope to Use Often ;)

So, Saturday morning we left our former resort and headed back to the airport to meet up with the Kansas contingent. Thankfully my husband remembered to use his smartphone spanish dictionary to tell our cabbie that we wanted arrivals, not departures, which was not easy to get across.
Oddly, finding arrivals and awaiting our friends
outside the exit door turned out to have a much lower FWF than anticipated.

And they zoomed through customs!
And soon we were in our private transfer van enjoying cervezas sold to us by the driver for the low low price of two for $5. Drinking in an auto is such a strange feeling. So nice to catch up with the Kansas contingent!
After a little bit of a van ride, we arrived at our next resort, where they greeted us with champagne! So hospitable! I had done much of the reservation work, and had put each couple's paperwork in the girls' names, so we had to sign our lives away. Hee hee!
And then, we were driven to our rooms! You KNOW I love being driven around in a golf cart! Let the vacationing (part two) begin!!


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