Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Construction Zone: Paint!

After new walls go up, and they are mudded and sanded, next up, yep. Painting. Which means the lights have to come down. And the dust has to be wiped off each bulb.
Work crew gets some fancy grinds... Baja Fresh all around! Hahah!
There's the ever present Armie the Armoire, surveying the application of the primer coat! Be our GUEST...!
Hard to see in this pic, but the hall is a light minty green. It's called "White Mint.
The living room (closest) is called "Heavenly Blue." The dining room (farther back, a little lighter) is called Chambray I. (Love the color, hate the name). The ceiling and the trim (which isn't on yet) will be different finishes of a slightly blue white color approved by the National Trust for Historic Preservation (whatevs) called "Woodlawn Dewkist." Eventually the kitchen will be a slightly greener version of the hall, called "Spruce Forest." And lastly, the nail polish I am wearing in that top pic is called "Morbid," and was a dark green for St. Patrick's Day. :) This has been the Chicken Ranch Color Report.


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