Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FFF+FF: (Plus Flying Fun!)

So we hopped a plane for Mexico! Through Phoenix, which is like the worst airport in the country. Let the vacationing begin: cheese plate, diet cokes, and Travel Scrabble! While I'm a formidable player, I rarely beat my husband, even with awesome words like dearth, which he would have challenged if we had a dictionary. He's gooood. He's also particularly good at using all his letters and scoring the extra 50 pts. He did so with "ordained." But I tiptoed up on his score... how to win with only two letters left? I carefully placed this single "a" among existing letters to yield 12 points, clinching the game!
And I won! I won! I won! As all the people sitting around me could have told you. Whoo-hoooo! I WON!! Not only did I win, I did so after my opponent had used all his letters! Hahahahahahah!! (Sorry honey, my blog, my boasting. ;) Excuse me, could we get some duty-free champagne over here?


Marie said...

Congratulations!! Why would he challenge the word "dearth"? I am sure Mike would beat me at scrabble too. Enjoy your sweet victory (and boasting)!

amy said...

On the flight he maintained that it was spelled "dirth," which does show up in some dictionaries, but is generally considered an archaic spelling. BUT, no dictionary, no challenge. I would have welcomed a challenge, as I would have won it! hahahah!! :)

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