Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FFF: Playa Mujeres!

So, after I triumphed at Scrabble and we got through customs, we were off to Playa Mujeres for two nights before the rest of our party arrived in Mexico. The weather wasn't spectacular, but no complaints from us... it wasn't snowing!! Here's the pool off our patio...
And the patio proper! This would be the first of many beach or pool "beds" large enough for two folks...or in some cases, up to six folks... I LOVE IT!
While my husband is more a doorless-Jeep and hiking boots sort of vacationer, he settled in quite nicely on this particular luxury trip.
The mini bar made me laugh because:
  • - Bottles. Who has bottles? Awesome.
  • - Coca-Cola Light. Awesomer than Diet Coke.
  • - Hard to see here, but the white bottle is "Cristal." Awesome.
  • - Tiny Coronas: Coronitas. Hee hee!
    Never mind the massages, the pina coladas, the beach beds. The ultimate luxury? Someone bringing me a french press of coffee at breakfast. So civilized.
Sorry Tim, I agree with you on the ridiculousness of using the Internet to post pics of plates of food, but this was the most stupendous breakfast buffet i'd ever seen... Topped off with the tiny shot glasses of yogurt mixed with fresh guava, coconut, or nectarine. Glorious.
Our time here was short, but certainly brought us down a few notches in time for our next adventure...


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