Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Infestation of Beavers

Dang there were a lot of Beavers in central Oregon. I usually notice an abundance of Ducks in central Oregon (versus eastern Oregon, where I notice an abundance of Beaver supporters...go ag!), but both schools have outposts in Bend.
There's a little duck love! I have a pic of these two in a similar setup from about 10 years ago! Some things never change.
See? Ducks and Beavers can live together peacefully. After spending two days on a paddleboard with me, TJ quietly approached me with, "You're a Duck? Oh. Your sweatshirt is...wrong." Hahah. There was a dearth of OIT Owls representation, the school where most of the husbands met.
Oh yeah? Well we had another allegiance...Girl Party t-shirts! Hahahah! The kids asked a lot of questions about these shirts, because they have those adorable cartoons of us on the back, and also because I was wearing the black one from Vegas...
And sister was wearing the white one from Kahneeta...though this was the only shot of her in it I seemed to capture.
They brought their Beavers chairs too, and we forgot our Duck chair! Dang it! We'll represent better next time.


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