Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boat Days

I just love being on a boat. Tho I wasn't on the boat much this trip, having my own vessel of course. ;)
The Lovely Ladies Arnold. Lena's first camping trip. Good job on the sun protection, mom!
And Mike's first trip with the gang! Welcome new members!
And soooo great to see old members too.
The boys did a good job of kickin' it, and then taking all the kids out on the ski boat, leaving many of us to float in peace.
They were like a gang! Thankfully they didn't outnumber us, or they might have commandeered the boat.
Family portrait: Don't eff with us.
The LadyFloat! I wish i'd taken a cuter pic of all of us, standing up...wearing clothes...smiling. Oh well, next time.
Dry towel nap on Dad. Can't go wrong there.
We were a lot of folks for just two boats, but we made it work. I didn't crop this pic in tighter because then you'd miss me in the bottom right corner. Hee hee!


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