Sunday, September 1, 2013

Floating: the Life.

Aahhh... This is the life!
It's just hard to not smile on a good float.
I like this pic of purple hair in the sunshine.
Some folks just got out of their boats and free-floated.
I should probably have done this too.
So unusual to see this one without a hat on in the sunshine. He regretfully lost it over a rapid, so was exposed.
And then...hat pix! Magic? Nope, about two hours later and a couple of river miles down the road, one of our other lone paddlers spied his hat in the water! What are the chances!?!
And then the float was over. Me-ow, that Love Boat is powerful! ;)
Blam! All our boats were rolled up and we were done. Thanks for the float, floaters! So much fun!


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