Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mornings in Camp

We were among the first up, what with still being on Mountain time. I had prepped a veggie scramble for each morning. I love our little stove set up. We bought it with a wedding gift card, so should probably replace it one of these days.
You all think he just makes that face at you. Nope, I get it too.
I challenge thee to a breakfast-off, sir! Everyone at our end of the campground was graciously generous with their coffee...which I simply adored. Here's a tip from your Uncle @my: ALWAYS camp with good people.
I always follow my own advice.
But really. Why are we here? BOATING! Getting food, drinks, juice boxes, water, and equipment on two boats for an entire day on the water was no easy feat, but we did it.
Lena knows where it's at. Let's get on the boat, people!


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