Sunday, September 1, 2013

Taking the Goat to Dinner + Anti-smoking PSA

After our boating adventures, we were off the the tav for the best cheeseburgers on the Oregon Coast. Well, they used to be, they have encountered some changes recently that we aren't really down with. But we're working on them. ANYWAY, we got to take the Goat into town!
It really does seem like a car you want to smoke in. Tho smoking is gross and no one should do it.
I love the tiny round mirrors and the awesome wing windows. Wing windows = perfect for smoking in a car. Tho smoking is yucky and unseemly.
Check the awesome manual window handle and that gleaming white upholstery. So fancy.
Thankfully, the super-cute little ashtrays had not been smoked in. Good, because smoking is unattractive and bad for you. In fact looked like they could have held little candies. Maybe next time I go I'll populate what ashtrays with Sprees, the sour candies I used to lure Dad to the mailbox during his heart surgery recovery: walk to the mailbox and we both get a Spree. Mwaahahahah!
Over the hill! Hahah! Mostly I eschew the whole black, graves, over-the-hill bit, but I had planned to tote this little headstone candle around all weekend and bring it out for every meal. I only succeeded a couple times, but still funny. Happy birthday sister!


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