Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rental Paddleboard

We finally went and rented a board so we could both paddle, see if it was a sport we could participate in together. We rented the one on the right, which the rental company gave us for my husband. We discovered it was really designed for a child. Thanks rental company, that's awesome! So i used it most of this paddle.
The fires and smoke in the air make for some interesting skies around here.
Ah yes, the Cornfish, native to Idaho waters.
We think this is a sport we can participate in together. Hahaha. Look how low the reservoir is! Yeeps!
Again, taken from this vantage point, not upside-down. I like it.
He looks like he's going to jump up and start surfing the big waves at any moment.
Don't worry, that's not an errant meteor, hurling itself toward the earth. It's just the sun.


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